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Campus environments present unique challenges for cable deployments whereas they often involve a variety of elements including aerial pole line segments, congested underground conduits, locating issues when trenching, directional boring, populated manholes, direct cable burial and tunnel pathways to name a few. Each of these applications can present demanding circumstances for the installation of fiber optic cable systems including flooded duct systems & maintenance holes, adjacent high-voltage power, limited duct space, high temperature steam ducts, OSHA regulated confined spaces and contending with other hidden underground utilities and infrastructure.

FiberNext has been designing, project managing and delivering successful fiber optic cable systems in the campus environment since being founded in 2003. FiberNext employs a diverse team of designers, applications engineers and technicians that each bring their own specialty in LAN/WAN, datacom, campus and OSP networking to the company. Our wealth of experience in deploying these systems, in conjunction with our diverse equipment assets and widespread contractor partnerships, enable us to deliver these complex systems efficiently to our clients.

FiberNext can support your business by creating scope of work documentation, bidding and installation standards for fiber optic projects, provide overall project management services, installation audits, certification reporting and deliver extensive Visio documentation of the network which would serve as the basis for years of trouble free maintenance on the project.

Services Provided to this Market Segment:

  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)
  • Laser Measuring/Mapping of Structures & Pathways
  • GPS Mapping/Utility Surveying and Plant Assessment
  • Splicing, Testing & Documentation
  • Security/Access System Design
  • Cable Abatement Planning
  • Creation and Administration of:
    • Project Scope and Bid Documents for End Users
    • End User Installation Standards Documents
    • Technical Training & Certification of Installers
    • Cable Plant Failure Analysis / Stress Testing


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