WAN & Municipal Networks

Wide Area Networks (WANs) are privately held network systems that require direct cable connections between buildings or campuses that are miles away. These networks commonly utilize public utility poles or conduit systems to facilitate these cable connections. In most cases, these cable systems require a great deal of advanced planning and permitting with the prevailing utility that owns and maintains the intended pathway. Poles or conduits that compose the right-of-way between the two points must be inspected for available space and access, and then each cable run must be documented, with detailed attachment applications, to the power utility or telecom carrier that will grant access for the installation.

FiberNext can provide a detailed analysis of the route– including GIS survey services, cost-saving suggestions for route construction, generating in-depth construction budget worksheets and managing all of the related utility permitting procedures for clients deploying WAN systems. Once relevant permitting is completed and all make-ready has been performed, FiberNext can provide construction management services, fiber optic splicing, testing and system commissioning. For all municipal and WAN systems, FiberNext can provide comprehensive solutions for the entire process from planning and budgeting, through construction, documentation and maintenance, as well as training for technicians on site.

When needed, FiberNext can utilize its strategic partnerships with construction firms offering aerial pole line placement for unique installations (such as ADSS in the power space), underground boring, trenching and related construction management tasks. Through these relationships, FiberNext is able to seamlessly offer fully integrated installation solutions for our clients, which are managed transparently through our turnkey project management services.

Services Provided to this Market Segment:

  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)
  • GPS Mapping/Utility Surveying and Plant Assessment
  • Feasibility Studies and Cost Assessments
  • Turnkey OSP Design/Build Services
  • Supply Chain Management/Materials Provisioning
  • Custom connectivity solutions such as Node Cables and Opti-Tap drop cords
  • Splicing and Testing Services
  • Network & System Documentation
  • Creation and Administration of:
    • Project Scope and Bid Documents for End Users
    • End User Installation Standards Documents
    • Technical Training & Certification of Installers


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