Data Center Networks

The flood of information being generated, stored and transmitted over the Internet has created a massive demand for new data centers, facilities where servers, storage, switches and routers fill racks along with fiber optic cabling overhead and in under floor cable trays. Data centers can present technical and logistical challenges involving power, mechanical structures, cabling, security systems and scalability for growth. Modern data centers typically utilize significant amounts of optical fiber to run mission critical applications within a 24x7 environment. These super-computing centers are responsible for managing, storing and protecting the network’s operational data over dense fiber optic systems.

FiberNext is well suited to support data center users and clients on a wide variety of fronts considering our background in optical manufacturing, systems design and LAN/Campus deployments that have all been trending towards high density, low loss interconnect solutions. FiberNext offers a full suite of pre-terminated connectivity solutions, plug-and-play products, and the implementation support needed for virtually any data center buildout or overbuild.

Our experienced team can provide custom designed solutions for your specific application, cost-saving suggestions for execution, provide construction management, fiber optic splicing, testing and system commissioning. For any data center deployment, FiberNext provides comprehensive solutions for the entire process from planning and budgeting, construction, documentation and maintenance, as well as training services for technicians and end users on site to support ongoing disaster recovery needs.

Services Provided to this Market Segment:

  • Engineer, Furnish & Installation (EF&I) Services
  • High Density Plug & Play Connectivity Solutions
  • Splice-On Connectors for 10-100Gb Evolution
  • Splicing, Testing & Documentation Support
  • Custom Assemblies and Solutions for the Data Center Market
  • Energy Optimization for Data Centers
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Creation and Administration of:
    • Procedural Standards
    • Training & Certification of in-house staff
    • Audits & Documentation


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